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The Define Bottle Review! -Alexandra

A few months ago I was watching ABC's Shark Tank and a product came on that really sparked my interest, this product is called The Define Bottle. Define Bottle was invented by a (now) 15-year-old named Carter who decided that he wanted to take childhood obesity head on. After researching the statistics of how sugary drinks and soda impact the health of both children and adult he decided to do something about it, so he created a fruit-infused water bottle. Carter's product was recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the most brilliant companies of 2013, he was also a national finalist in Michelle Obama's Partnership for a Healthier America's End Childhood Obesity Innovation Challenge. Carter was also featured in publications such as Forbes, Fortune, and more! I'm sure from reading all of that you understand why I was so impressed by Carter and his mission and felt that his product needed a bigger audience!

I got to review The Define Bottle Sport Flip Top! This bottle is made out of BPA free, Tritan co-polyester. It has a lanyard attached which makes it easy to carry on the go and it fits in a standard cup holder which makes it perfect to bring with you while running errands, heading to work, or anywhere else! The Define Bottle disassembles which makes it perfect for easy cleaning! There is also a strainer piece in the center so that the fruit does not move around or get caught in the spout. You can also buy a freezable piece that can attach into the base to keep your fruit cool. I love The Define Bottle Sport Flip Top! I have used it so many times since receiving it to review! It holds the perfect amount of fruit and enough water to last me while running errands. I love this bottle because it makes it so that water never gets boring, the fruit that you add can be mixed up all of the time making tons of unique flavors and combinations! I cannot wait to get the Define Bottle Mini for my daughter for this upcoming school year, it will be perfect for including with her lunch!

I also received a copy of Water Works which is a collection of fruit infused water recipes! This book is perfect because it gives you many ideas of different recipes for flavors of infused water. Using this book would make it so that you will never get tired of the same water flavors but also lists some combinations that I am sure you never even thought of! Two of the flavors that I am so excited to try are Cherry Limeade and Strawberry & Mint Cooler!

I love my Define Bottle and I think that you would love one too! 

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