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PEEPS MINIS Review! - Alexandra

In my house we are always excited for holiday candy to be released for one reason, PEEPS! Every holiday different themed PEEPS are released and we look forward to see our favorite classics and to find out if there are any new special types released for the season. Once seasonal candy goes on clearance we even stock up on a few packs of PEEPS to keep around until the next big holiday. We really love PEEPS! Now thanks to PEEPS MINIS we don't have to wait for holidays to have our favorite seasonal treats! PEEPS MINIS come in three flavors: Strawberry Creme, Chocolate Creme, and Sour Watermelon (Vanilla Creme is also exclusively available at Target). These mini chicks are perfect for snacking and are only 14 calories each; they are also gluten free and fat free. PEEPS MINIS come in a 24-count, convenient resealable bag so that you don't have to worry about them getting stale quickly or losing flavor, you can seal the bag until the next time you eat some. These minis are also the perfect additions to recipes because they add a perfect pop of color and fun! You can find PEEPS MINIS nationwide and year round in the candy isle of your favorite retail stores, at PEEPS & Company retail stores, and online on the PEEPS & Company website! With PEEPS MINIS every day can be a holiday! Now I am going to tell you a little bit about the flavors that we tried!

The first flavor of PEEPS MINIS that we got to try is Strawberry Creme. As soon as you open the bag all you smell is strawberry. This one was my husband's favorite flavor. He was raving about how great they are. My five year old daughter has become obsessed with them. Since trying them for my review we have purchased another bag because she loves them so much. I love that this flavor has a distinct strawberry taste but that they have have that hint of creme! 
The second flavor of PEEPS MINIS that we received to review is Chocolate Creme. These are absolutely my favorite! They are a perfect little chocolate treat without actually being a piece of chocolate, and at 14 calories a piece I will definitely take it over a classic piece of chocolate! These minis have an awesome chocolate flavor and are one of my favorite new treats! I am really excited to try them on smores this summer!

The third flavor of PEEPS MINIS that we reviewed are the Sour Watermelon flavor. These minis definitely pack huge watermelon scent and flavor! These minis are definitely sour though, so if you don't enjoy sour they may not be for you. My daughter and younger sister love sour though, so these are perfect for them! I think that these are a perfect fun summer flavor!

I love these PEEPS MINIS and cannot wait to find some fun and creative ways to use them, especially in desserts! I also know that these are going to become a treat of choice here, at least if my daughter has a say in it. I am also looking forward to bringing these along on vacations, to picnics, and more! If you enjoy PEEPS take a minute and search for these in your local retailer! 

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