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Meadow Kids Review! - Alexandra

It's a MOM thing Review's recently got to work with an amazing company called Meadow Kids! Meadow Kids are committed to bring products to children and their families that contribute positively and enhance family interactions. Their toys work to stimulate cognitive development as well as achieve education through playing! Their core value is "Learn and Play"! Their products are designed in the UK and are geared towards children from the ages of two and eight. Meadow Kids offers a wide variety of products including bath sets, stamp and sticker sets, puzzles, and much more. Mia and I got to review two products from Meadow Kids and we love them both! I am going to tell you more about them below! 

The first product that we got to review is the Fashion Designer - Wiro Book! This activity book includes two glitter glues, eight felt tip markers, nine pages of colored stickers, nine pages of blank stickers, and forty eight pages of models to decorate. This book allows kids to decorate and put together outfits with accessories using the models on the pages. Some of the pages include pre-designed stickers and others allow you to decorate the outfits with the markers and glitter-glue that is included. Mia has had so much fun with this book! She loves stickers, especially the kind that allow you to design with them so this set was absolutely perfect for her. She found it easier if I ripped out the sticker pages so that she doesn't have to flip back and forth, so we now have them sitting in the front of the book and she moves them whenever she uses this book. I would definitely recommend this book to parents of a child that enjoys using stickers or a child that loves fashion! 

The second product that we got to review was Mix and Match Character Bath Stickers! This set includes twenty seven character card stickers in a clear storage bag that has a tag to hang. These character cards float on water and stick to bathroom tiles when they are wet. Mia loves these cards! As soon as we got the package in the mail the first thing she asked me to do was take a bath so that she could play with them. She loved making silly combinations using the pieces of different characters. She had our entire shower wall covered in characters. This product is geared for ages three and up. I think that every little one would love this product and that it makes bath time so much! It is a great way to sit and talk to your little one about who each character is and watch them put together the right combinations or laugh about their mix and match creations!

Head over and check out Meadow Kids website! They have perfect products for all of the kids in your life! 

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