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Wonder Forge: Frozen Matching Review! -Alexandra

It's a MOM thing - Reviews recently had the pleasure of working with Wonder Forge for a third time and review one of their newest games Frozen Matching! Wonder Forge is an awesome company that specializes in board games for children of all ages. They have over fifty games and more are created based on ideas from popular children's shows or movies such as Sofia the First, DC Superheroes, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and many more! You can find games from Wonder Forge in popular retailers nationwide, some of these retailers are Toys R Us, Walmart, and Target. Many of their games are also available online through Amazon!

Mia loves the Disney movie Frozen so when we got this game in the mail she was ecstatic. Once I opened it up she helped me pop out all of the cards for the game so that we could play. There are 72 total tiles, so 36 different sets, which all have beautiful designs. The rules of this matching game are so simple and this game is perfect for kids from ages three and up! When playing first set up the tiles face down, next player one takes a turn by flipping over two tiles of their choice if they are a match the player takes them and puts them in their pile and goes again. If the tiles flipped over are not a match player one flips them back over so that they are face down again then player two takes their turn by flipping over two tiles. The game continues like this until there are no tiles left because they have all been matched. The player with the most tiles is the winner! When Mia and I play we usually split it into two groups so that there are less cards at a time making it a little bit easier for younger kids but still a game that can grow with your child.

We have played this memory game so many times since receiving it and Mia has even played it by herself by setting up the tiles and finding matches. She loves matching games and loves this one even more since it is made up of all of her favorite characters! If your little one isn't really a fan of Frozen that is okay because Wonder Forge has a perfect game for every child that you know! Games from Wonder Forge would make a perfect addition to an Easter basket or as a rainy day fun gift this spring season!

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