It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Information regarding the It's a MOM thing Facebook page being hacked!


Information regarding the It's a MOM thing Facebook page being hacked!

On December 28th, 2013 the It's a MOM thing Facebook page was hacked through an Altervista page by individuals located in Serbia and Algeria. We have been doing everything in our power returned to the owners of the page or removed off of Facebook. The page is being ran by others not affiliated in any way with the original owners and admins of the page. We have been in contact with Facebook and the authorities due to threats made by the hackers making it an International Threat of Terrorism. 

Due to this issue we have created a new Facebook page to accompany this job. We are working to build up the page again to gain the amount of fans that we have previously. Visit our new page It's a MOM thing - Revamped.

Because of this breach of security we are taking extra security measures to ensure that all products are being reviewed by the correct group of women that run this blog and to ensure that no company is scammed out of products. If you are reached out to as a company to have a product review conducted please only respond to emails from the verified email addresses that we work with:,, and If any other email addresses reach out to you please disregard them. For fans please only enter giveaways that are found on this blog or on our Facebook page. If you are chosen as a giveaway winner please ensure that one of the email addresses above are where the email is from to protect your information. Please share this information with friends and family as well.

We cannot even being to express how sorry we are for any inconvenience that this causes and we look forward to continuing to bring new product reviews and giveaways to all of our fans.

Thank you so much to all of our fans for understanding and helping us to build our fan base back up!

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