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Holiday Guide: Wonder Forge Review! - Alexandra

Mia and I recently got to review the new Doc Mcstuffins All Better Game from Wonder Forge and we had so much fun! Wonder Forge is an amazing company that specializes in board games for children of all ages. They have over fifty games and most are created based on ideas from some popular children's shows such as Sofia the First, Doc Mcstuffins, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more! You can find games from Wonder Forge in popular stores nationwide, such as Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, and more, as well as online on Amazon!
Mia has loved Doc Mcstuffins since it first came out so she was so excited to play this game! When you open the package you will find six foam tools, six slap bracelets, eight scoring tiles, a spinner, a rules manual, and a storage bag. This game is meant for children ages 3+ and is for two or more players. The aim of this gae is to make all of the boo boos go away just like Doc Mcstuffins! Each player gets to take turns to figure out which tool will make things all better. To start the game you lay out the slap bracelet bandages face down and the scoring tiles face down. The player that visited the doctor last goes first and takes their turn by spinning the spinner! Depending on what the spinner lands on is how you take your turn! When the game is over you add up each players scoring tiles and the person with the highest score wins! I think that this game is perfect for any Doc Mcstuffins fan and would be a perfect game for play dates!

If your little one isn't really a Doc Mcstuffins fan that's totally okay because Wonder Forget has a perfect game for every little one! These games make a perfect gift for all of the kids on your shopping list this holiday season and anytime! 

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