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Holiday Guide: Sprout Non-Toxic Nail Polish Review - Nicole

Sprout Non-Toxic nail polish is perfect for those of us with little girls that want to be like mom! Jayde is absolutely in infatuated with makeup and nail polish! The bad thing about letting her have her nails painted is that she always chews the paint off in a few hours, and that worries me to no end. The great thing about Sprout is that they are  a non-toxic, cruelty free and quick drying nail polish company. So, if she accidentally ingests this polish, I know she will be okay. Quick drying is also a major plus for a busy mom schedule or painting little finger nails!

Jayde and I reviewed 5 polishes:

  • Silver Metal - This polish actually looks as if you peeled the chrome right off of a motorcycle and placed it onto your finger nail!
  • 1980's Pink - This pink is a very retro HOT pink.
  • Clearly Fabulous - This polish has a bit a white hue to it when it is in the container, but it actually isn't white at all once it's been applied. A very nice clear coat for natural looking nails!
  • Green Glory Green - This is neither a deep nor bright green. It's just a few blue shades away from being a sea foam green type of color. Gorgeous!
  • Pretty Plum Purple - Very regal polish! It is a deep purple that would make any girl feel like royalty!
My favorite thing about these polishes is that they don't go on so thick that they just scrap off like a dollop of semi-dry glue. They do dry quickly, but not so quick that you can't get an entire layer of paint on your nails before so. Also, they have almost a flat effect. The polish goes on the nail lightly and they aren't so shiny that you can't even look at your fingers in the sunlight. Jayde LOVES the pink. In fact, she painted a good portion of my carpet and wall in it while everybody (except her apparently) was in bed sleeping!

Here is a little something fun I did with the Sprout polish, a white polish and glitter.

Visit Sprout Non-Toxic today for the perfect little girl's stocking stuffer, or for a finished Christmas look!

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