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Holiday Guide: Krazy Kars Review! -Suzi

For the Holiday Review Guide I received Krazy Kars Race Track, brought to us by Skullduggery. Skullduggery has been making unique and fun for all ages toys since 1987. Dual track racing that is glow powered with two Light-up racers. These tracks can be ran side by side or connected together to make an extra long race track. Made for vertical launch these cars pick up speed and bring light powered by fun!! Your kids can race each other, make their own track, and create a good time with friends.

The cars are equipped with lights on the bottom that can be changed to a solid setting or a flashing setting. As they are racing down the track they leave behind the trail marks of the racing car. The set comes with a door hanger with suction cups, that can attach to the door and allow for vertical take off. Even like any track you can also lay them down and race them down the track. We got the whole gang together (even dad joined the fun) to race these cars down the track. These cars had great speed, the track is durable enough to withstand the treatment of a two year old. The cars are light weight and the lights can be turned off when not in use or you just don't want them on while racing.
You can purchase many add-on for your Krazy Kars. With additional tracks, finishing gates, loops, and coming soon TUNNELS you can make a great ultimate racetrack! They offer custom paint Kars that your kids can customize and paint themselves. Let your kids go wild with creating their own custom paint job on their Krazy Kar. Let your car "man" pick out their favorite car, they can choose from a Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette, Ford GT, and Chevrolet Camaro. Also available are Marble Racers, these are clear plastic Kars with vibrant colors and unique body styles. With all the additions your kiddos will love to make their own personal racetrack unlike any other!

Thank you Skullduggery for allowing Wyatt and Kolby to review your Krazy Kars Racetrack!!! -Suzi

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