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Holiday Guide: Kalorik Review! - Alexandra

It's a MOM Thing Reviews recently got to work with an amazing company called Kalorik. Kalorik was started in the 1930's in Belgium as one of Europe's first manufacturers of small appliances. Today Kalorik is known worldwide and sells innovative and perfectly designed small appliances. They are constantly coming out with new, cutting edge products and have an item perfect for every household.

I got to review the Artisan Handheld Vacuum in red and I cannot even express how much I love it. I talked about being able to review this vacuum so much that when we first received it my daughter chased me into the kitchen to watch me open it and kept asking what color we got to review and when she could use it. She was just as excited about it as I was. Inside of the box you receive the handheld vacuum, the base that it rests and charges in, the charger, a round brush and a nozzle. When we first received this product we left it to charge for eight hours, you can tell that it is charging because there is a LED light that lights up blue. It also has convenient storage for the nozzle and round brush that is hidden but easily accessible in the charging base which is perfect so that they don't get lost. The Artisan Handheld vacuum runs for a continuous twelve minutes and once the battery is dead you can place it back on the charger to get ready to use it again!
 After eight hours we finally put it to use! Mia actually cleaned her room herself just so that she could be the first one to use it. She went around her room with the handheld vacuum picking up all of the tiny pieces of paper or crumbs that made their way onto her floor and had so much fun doing it. She went on to check the living room and dining room for things to vacuum up as well. I honestly never thought that I would say my almost five year old loves this handheld vacuum but she has literally thrown fits because I wouldn't let her use it at a time she wanted to. They say that the vacuum lasts a continuous twelve minutes but I found that mine worked closer to twenty before the battery needed to be charged again. That amount of time is perfect for me to do the inside of our couches, against the floorboards, or any other quick quick spot I need to vacuum. The Artisan Handheld Vacuum has a sleep design and is really a cute stand alone piece in my home. I have sitting in the corner near my bookshelf so that it is easy to reach whenever we need it. I absolutely love the red and the designs on the front because it makes it so that I am okay leaving it out and don't want to hide it away like I do some other appliances. Now you have a chance to win an Artisan Handheld Vacuum Cleaner from Kalorik! Be sure to enter our giveaway below!

Kalorik has a perfect item for everyone on your shopping list! Their items vary from things for every day use like a coffee maker, to fun items like a cupcake maker, and to even large items like wine coolers! 
Head over to their website and have fun shopping for yourself and your friends and family:

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