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Holiday Guide: K. Leigh's Kreations Review - Nicole

K. Leigh's Kreations's offers handmade children's clothing and embroidery! From football to holidays, K. Leigh's Kreations has something for your boy or girl! Jayde and I were blessed to review this long-sleeved Christmas peasant dress!

This dress has a striped body with lime green print arms. You can also choose to add either a bow sash, made of the same material as the arms, or the shirred sash that I chose and have pictured. With the shirred sash, comes a handmade flower pin that is made from the same fabric as the body of the dress! To mix things up, we even put the fabric bow in Jayde's hair instead of on the sash. The fabric is preshrunk, and washes beautifully. We haven't noticed any fraying, anywhere. Have you ever tried making your own 'clothes' at home? I have, and let me tell you - there was something that looked...unfinished, about my product. This dress does NOT have that look. It looks like a perfectly selected dress right out of a local boutique!

Jayde is not the type of two-year-old who sits still for photos. She is not the type to wear clothes. She likes to look pretty and wear her bows, don't get me wrong - but she doesn't care to stay dolled up unless she is getting attention. The moment you avert your eyes from her, she rips those clothes off and those bows right out of her hair. But, she loved this dress! She has tried to wear it at least twice a week since we received it, and she let me take her picture in it because she wanted to see how beautiful she looked in the dress. As a matter of fact, she put the dress on and brought me the sash while telling me, "Me cute, Momma!"

K. Leigh's Kreations has done a fantastic job at providing quality, hand made products that everyone can be happy showing off! I would order anything on their site, knowing that it is a product that won't stay hidden in a closet!

And their Facebook page.

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