It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Holiday Guide: Biscoff Cookies Review! -Suzi


Holiday Guide: Biscoff Cookies Review! -Suzi

For the Holiday Guide I reviewed the Biscoff Cookies. This company has been providing the ultimate coffee cookie since the Boone family opened their first bakery in Belgium in 1932. Known as Lotus Speculoos in Europe they were not paired with coffee until 1950. This trend was only seen in Europe until 1984 when it crossed the world to come to America. This was done as an in flight treat for the lucky passengers. Now these cookies are available worldwide in stores and through mail order catalogs. In 2006 Biscoff Spread was invented by a contestant, Els Scheppers, on a Belgian television show called “The Bedenkers,” or “The Inventors.”

In my Review package I received the Festive box with bow duo and the Reindeer box with Biscoff Spread.

The Festive Box with Bow Duo is a great gift for anyone! These boxes don't need to be wrapped and each contains 75 cookies, individually wrapped and separated between two packages. These amazing unique tasting cookies have caramelized sugar added during the baking process to give you a great companion to your coffee break. Ingredients including wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, brown sugar, leavening, soy flour, salt, and cinnamon. All natural ingredients. Also great for Vegans!
The Reindeer Box with Biscoff Spread is an adorable Reindeer tube that can be used every year as decoration. It comes with two jars of spread, creamy and crunchy. These jars range in size from 26 to 28 ounces and are even better than peanut butter!! Eat it on a cookie, with an apple, celery, I even enjoyed it with jelly on a sandwich instead of peanut butter! Even use as a secret ingredient to your desert and keep your family guessing what the new amazing taste is! This is spread contains all the ingredients of the cookies with a little added citrus. 

Thank you Biscoff Cookies for allowing us to review your great cookies and spreads! -Suzi

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