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Holiday Guide: Adore Me Review - Nicole

Adore Me is a subscription based company from New York that provides quality lingerie at discounted rates. The deal is that you go agree to buy something from their monthly online catalog each month. If you don't want to make a purchase for one month, or didn't find anything that you wanted in their current offers, you can 'skip the month' so that you aren't charged. However, if you don't skip the month by a certain day they do charge you for the month and that money goes towards a store credit. You can choose bra/panty sets, chemises, corsets etc. The options are endless! Their catalog does change though, and they have specific collections available at specific times, so if you find one you like this month - chances are it won't be available next month! This is what keeps your options endless. In a year, you won't own every selection they have! They also offer larger cup sizes and plus sizes for those of us curvier and more busty ladies! I would also like to make a note that you can just order from them, without signing up for the subscription service, but we will cover that closer to the end.

I reviewed the Paili DD+ bra and panty set.

The Paili bra is 100% polyester, with a shaped cup that is not padded. It has a sheer layer of fabric with sewn in details done in white. There are also black details sewn across the top of the scalloped top.A bow sits between the cups and the material around the under wire is black. The straps are a bit wider than your average bra, though not padded, which could be from being for the heavier weight of larger breasts. They are also adjustable and removable. There are 2 clasps that go together at the back. I did find that my 38G fit more like a 34/36 DD.

The Paili panty is also 100% polyester. The material is completely sheer, for that intimate approach. The back side of these boy shorts do not have any details, but the front part has the same sewn in white details as the bra did. The panty mimics the sewn in black details and scalloping as the bra above each thigh and also has the same bow in the middle of the waist as the bra does between the cups. I also found that the panties ran a size or two smaller than average.

Adore Me provided excellent and quick shipping, however, throughout the process there were a few points that I was dissatisfied with and would like to address in order to help you avoid any confusion when placing your own order.

I was thrown into the VIP program unknowingly. When I had a gut feeling about having a recurring fee, I called to make sure that I hadn't been signed up for a VIP membership and was on hold for an hour. So, I decided to try the live chat while I sat on hold. The woman online knew next to nothing about the company. I knew more from merely researching it. Finally someone picked up the phone, and sure enough, I had been enrolled. When I asked to be removed from the program, the woman on the phone informed me that I would have to call back in 10 days, when my trail period was over, and then I could be removed from the membership list - but not a day before. She also informed me that I CHOSE to sign up for the VIP program and that was my problem. So, I contacted the woman that we were working with through the blog for this review. She told me that if I would give her my email, she would take care of it. I was thrilled until I found out that she didn't handle it at all. On the 10th, my bank account was charged $39.95 because I was STILL enrolled in that VIP program and I hadn't chosen to skip the month by the 5th day. At 9am EST, the moment they open, I called and waited on hold for 17 minutes. I told the woman on the phone what my situation was and she gladly removed me from the VIP list and refunded my money - bless her heart, that was the BEST customer service that I received from Adore Me.

I went on to do some more in depth research on Adore Me for my satisfaction, for accuracy on this review and to find out what happened that I got enrolled into that VIP membership to begin with. Here is what I found:

When you go onto the site, you are asked to make an account and do the 'Style Quiz'. What the site does not tell you is that by doing the 'Style Quiz' you are set up for the VIP program, and when you checkout - they will hold your credit card information and charge you monthly. If you search the site before making an account and unknowingly signing up for the VIP program, you will also see that multiple sets are only available to those enrolled in the VIP program. Many of the perks offered are only for VIP members as well. If you mistakenly sign up for the VIP membership, you will have to wait 10 days after placing your order to remove yourself from the VIP list AND they can choose to charge you the difference in pricing for VIP members and regular orders after you've done so. If you do not accidentally get signed up for the VIP program, you have the option to sign up or 'Pay As You Go' before you check out, by clicking between two small circles on the far right of the page - if you do not click to change this option, you will be enrolled in the VIP program. The site was inconsistent as well. On one page the site informs you that by skipping the month, you are not charged at all for that month. You simply skip it. On another page it tells you that if you skip the month, you are just choosing to skip ordering lingerie - but that they will still charge your account and consider it store credit. Also, one page of the site says that you have to skip the month by the 5th day of each month if you choose to do so. Another page says that you have to skip the month on the 6th day. Also. they send you multiple emails reminding you not to forget about the charge that is inevitably coming, and supposedly mark them as 'important'. Not only did I use an email that I use for things that I think might send me spam instead of my normal email, but the important emails from Adore Me go straight to your junk or spam folder.

All in all, I think Adore Me has a good proposal - but poor execution in delivering the facts.

You can visit Adore Me

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