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Redmond Inc. Products Review -Suzi

Redmond Inc.

I was given the opportunity to review the Redmond/Real Salt Company Family. I received items from both sides of the company. My Real Salt package included a bottle of sea salt, seasoning salt, garlic salt, and onion salt. In the Redmond package I received Redmond Clay, bath salts, a facial mask, and Earth Paste toothpaste (one for adults and one for children).

Real Salt Seasonings

Real Salt prides themselves on being just that, Real Salt. The Sea salt I received was great. I did not tell any difference in the salty taste of the foods I seasoned it with. The crystals dissolved completely. The best part about the sea salt was that I did not have to add quite as much as I did with using my regular salt. Seasoning Salt, Garlic Salt, and Onion Salt all tasted as if I was using my regular seasonings. No difference in the taste or texture of the salts. None of the family could taste a difference in the seasonings I was using to make my fried potatoes. My husband is very picky about the spices and seasonings I use to cook his precious potatoes :), when I told him I didn't use the regular seasonings that he buys he was shocked. I was very happy with the Real Salt Seasonings!

Redmond Clay

Redmond Clay takes clay used by generations as a healing agent for many different types of aliments. It can be used externally, as well as, internally. The clay can be mixed with water to a nice consistency for burns, acne, insect stings, etc. You can also mix a couple teaspoons in a glass of water to promote digestive health. 

Redmond Clay Facial Mud

The Redmond Clay Facial Mud is made from distilled water and the Redmond Clay. This mask draws all the bad out of your pores. I am using it for a second time while I am typing out this review. You can feel it working on your face as the clay hardens and absorbs all the oils, dirty and nasties out of your pores. My face feels softer for several days after I use the mud mask. Safe for all skin types makes it a great alternative for those who need more sensitive treatment for their skin. I've noticed less pimples on my face since first using this mask. 

Redmond Bath Salts

I first used these bath salts after a hectic day on the train of running up and down the stairs, moving between cars, and serving customers. My back ached, my knees throbbed, and I'm pretty sure my feet were going to stop working. The Redmond package was sitting on my front porch, and seeing these bath salts inside I thought, "this is the perfect time to see if I can get the soreness out of my muscles." I sat soaking in the bath, started to really relax, and could feel the stiffness soaking away. These salts draw the toxins out of your body through osmosis and help to detoxify you. I loved how relaxed I felt after soaking in my bath of Redmond Bath Salts. 

Redmond Earthpaste

Earthpaste is an all natural toothpaste that is safe for the kiddos and adults a like. It comes in many different flavors from Cinnamon, Lemon, Wintergreen, Peppermint, and recently added Spearmint. Earthpaste is good for little kids because it is safe to eat and there are no foaming agents added to this toothpaste. It's natural color and smooth consistency make it a good toothpaste for anybody. 

 Thank you to the Redmond Inc. Family for allowing me the opportunity to review all these great natural products. Amazing how this clay can have so many different, healthy uses. 

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