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Puppy Cakes Review - Nicole

You've seen them on Shark Tank and they've only grown from there! Using only human grade and natural ingredients - these puppy cakes are a yummy AND healthy choice for your 4 legged family members! What you may not have known is that they also have a product out called Puptato Chips. These are all natural sweet potato chips that are dried, instead of fried. The Puppy cakes are available in a variety of flavors: Banana, Red Velvet, Carob, and Peanut Butter. The Peanut Butter and Red Velvet cakes are a wheat free option, if you so desire.

We reviewed the Banana cake mix and the Puptato Chips!
You'll need a few household ingredients to add to the cake mix. Once you have it mixed, you just pour it into a baking dish or into 8 cupcake tins. You can choose to bake this cake in the oven or microwave it. We chose to microwave the cake because we were too excited to wait on the oven. The cake actually doesn't have too bad of a smell, considering it is dog food. Also, when it first comes out of the microwave it is pretty soft, like when you wet hard dog food pellets for a long time - but it does firm up as it cools. The icing just needs some water, and it is ready to smooth onto your Puppy Cake. The icing is a yogurt based icing, but it has a pretty harsh smell to it. My dog, Roxy the Boxer, loved this cake. She was begging for a piece before it even came out of the microwave!
The Puptato Chips were a pretty big hit with Roxy also. They are the perfect mix of crunchy, yet still pliable enough not to just break apart and crumble. They didn't smell bad at all either.

Now, I imagine a human could eat this, or taste it if they wanted to - but I'm not that human. Puppy Cakes have a shelf life of one year and rarely causes digestive issues, even on sensitive stomachs.

I'd be very interested in seeing what the Puppy Cakes company comes up with next, and letting my pooch try the other flavored cakes!

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