It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Puffs Fresh Faces Review! -Alexandra


Puffs Fresh Faces Review! -Alexandra

I recently got to review Puffs newest line of products called Fresh Faces! They sent me an awesome gift box that was filled with a bunch of goodies along with this amazing new product. In the box was a drawstring bag, a t-shirt, a headband, a water bottle, a pedometer, a mirror, two boxes of Puffs Fresh Faces with 45 wipes each, and two small packs of Puffs Fresh Faces with 15 wipes each! Puffs Fresh Faces are natural saline wipes and were developed by the same people who developed Boogie Wipes. They are a similar concept, but Fresh Faces has been specifically designed to take on the needs of your face! They can be used for removing make up, wiping your nose, and freshening up after workouts. They are available in four different scents, I am going to tell you a bit about each below!

  • Fragrance Free: I loved these! I have extremely sensitive skin, everything makes me break out, and nothing helps to clear up my skin. I started using these at the end of the day just to wipe up my face or remove any make up. These wipes actually helped to clear up my skin, I have less blemishes and don't need to use harsh facial cleansers! These are my new favorite. 
  • Light Lavender: These smell lightly like lavender. They aren't overpowering like a lot of scented things are. They are really nice for wiping up your nose without your nose chafing or the redness that sometimes comes during cold seasons from tissues.
  • Fresh Scent: I love the smell of these. My ten year old sister has been using them when she gets home from school after playing outside. They are perfect just to wipe up your face with and I think they would be perfect after a workout.
  • Vicks:  As soon as I opened the box and took photos my mom snatched these from me, haha. She had a cold at the time and she said these were amazing for wiping her nose because they didn't leave chafing like a tissue and they helped clear her up a bit due to the scent of Vicks. These are perfect for anyone with a stuffy nose due to cold or allergies. 

You can find Puffs Fresh Faces at a local Walmart or Target in the tissue aisle or order them online at,, and off of their website. On their website you can also find a coupon!

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