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Potty Cover Review - Nicole

With a new little one potty training, Potty Covers were a perfect thing for my family to review! The covers have a simple design, that is much more interesting for my toddler than just a white piece of paper. Potty Covers also cover more of the toilet, such as the front and sides as well as the lid - which makes it more sanitary in case they accidentally touch the sides of the toilet with their hands or little legs, like newly potty trained kiddos do.

These toilet covers are completely disposable. They are made of a non-woven fabric on top for comfort, and coated with plastic on the bottom to keep a waterproof barrier between our children and those germ mansions! The covers are individually packaged, so they stay sanitary even in your purse or diaper bag! Also, since they are individually wrapped, they are easy to take on the go. These are an Amazon best seller!

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