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Malie Organics Review - Nicole

Malie (mah-lee-ay) products have been spotted in magazines such as People, Parenthood, and InStyle! They use mostly (80%)  organic ingredients. Malie has it's roots in Hawaii, and uses the great Island chain for their inspiration when considering product ingredients and fragrances. I was chosen to review two of their beauty oils: Coconut Vanilla and Plumeria. However, they also offer three other fragrances: Mango Nectar, Koke'e, and Pikake. These beauty oils are intended to keep your hair and skin silky smooth with that luscious glow that all of the celebrities have!

Plumeria is a traditional Hawaiian flower, often found in leis, and has a beautiful aroma that stays with you throughout the day. It was the perfect decision to use this in a beauty oil, even my husband commented on how he liked my new perfume! I used this one in my hair first, and I was thrilled when I got up the next morning with my hair already more shiny and silkier. It is a soft smell that helps you to relax and feel comfortable enough to drift off into a peaceful slumber.
Coconut Vanilla is always a great choice! As with all coconut products, the moment I smelled this oil - I was instantly taken to a tropical paradise. Coconut oil naturally moisturizes and aids in healing, so I tried this one first on my skin. The moment I put that dab of oil on my hand, the entire room filled with the smell of coconut. I was in Heaven on Earth. My skin almost magically soft and more elastic. I oozed a radiance that was comparable to the glow of pregnancy!

The oils were amazing. A little bit went a long way, and with an evenness that you wouldn't expect. It didn't leave me feeling oily, as my hair and skin absorbed it quickly. It also didn't leave my skin looking streaky as so many other products do. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why these products have been trending into such popularity with our top celebrities!

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