It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Holiday Guide: Two Sparrows Boutique Review! -Gina


Holiday Guide: Two Sparrows Boutique Review! -Gina

I've been LOVING my newest slouch hat from Two Sparrows Boutique ! It's been paired with EVERY outfit! It's a thick, chunky material so it's not just another little flat hat! It stands out and all the ladies can't help but stop me and ask .. " Where did you get that?! " This is a perfect girl for all the chic, stylish women in your life!

She doesn't stop at beautiful hats.. oh no! The list on ! She makes scarves, leg warmers, bracelets, wrist and ankle warmers, small rugs and sweaters! The most amazing item she makes (in my opinion) SHE MAKES FLATS ! I can't get over the item of these cute hand made shoes! You already know I have an order coming ... Right now she has BLACK FRIDAY DEALS! For the best deals around get over to her Esty Shop & her Facebook Page

Two Sparrows Boutique makes beautiful and unique handcrafted crochet accessories for women and children, and chic home accents and housewares. She is a mother of 2 .. and running her small business on the side! She is truly an angel because a portion of her proceeds will be donated to The St. Jude Children's Research Hospital !

I couldn't believe how a hat changed my whole outfit ! It really didn't matter if I was dressed up or down, it just works! I was loving it on my rainy days ! Covered my crazy curly hair! (Ignore my mug shot look a like photo!) Because hand made love goes into EVERY item she makes get your orders in RIGHT NOW! This is a perfect girl for friends, daughters, sisters ! You know it she has something for them ! I will be posting photos of her other items too! I wish I could have them all !

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