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Holiday Guide: Vermont Christmas Company Review - Nicole

I love Christmas! It is my all time favorite holiday. We decorate every little thing in our house for Christmas. From the bath towel out to the mailbox - so I was overjoyed to review Vermont Christmas Company and the many holiday things that they have to offer!

The number one thing that Vermont Christmas Company offers are advent calendars. Though they do offer Halloween countdown calendars, puzzles, Christmas cards, advent wreaths, etc. They have many options for advent calendars. Whether you want paper, chocolates, fabric or wooden - they have an advent calendar for you! If you haven't already begun this Old World tradition, this is the perfect time to start!

I was graciously chosen to review a jigsaw puzzle and 3 advent calendars of different varieties!

Santa's Express Puzzle: I am absolutely a puzzle fanatic! This is a great quality puzzle! The pieces are board piece, and they snap together perfect;y. They don't fall apart, but you don't have to break the fittings to get them apart either. No accidental pieces in the wrong place, because each piece is so specifically cut. The color of this puzzle is vibrant and beautiful. This puzzle also has a great amount of skew, without having those crazy shaped pieces. I very much enjoyed this puzzle!

I really like that the numbers signifying the dates are sporadic on all of the calendars, so my kids have to hunt for the right day! Helping them learn numbers, earn rewards and count down the days to our favorite holiday!

O Holy Night Advent Calendar: This calendar had chocolates in it, which tasted great! The colors are beautiful and pop off of the page!

North Pole Advent Calendar: Another beautiful calendar! This one had a clock in the center to help keep you on track for what day you are currently on, as well as daily flaps with a line from the classic T'was the Night Before Christmas!

Cottage Advent Calendar: This calendar was a ton of fun to put together. I added a few embellishments, though they weren't necessary. I got glued the cottage together and then glued it to a small piece of poster board. Then I added the extra people that come with the calendar to the board, and glued shredded cotton balls around the 'ground' to imitate snow!

You can purchase these products through their website, through their catalog and at an increasing number of gift shops nationwide!

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