It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Holiday Guide: Tech 4 Kids Review! -Suzi


Holiday Guide: Tech 4 Kids Review! -Suzi

For our Holiday Review I reviewed Tech 4 Kids. Tech 4 Kids was at the 2013 Toy Fair and seen on Bloomberg Television. Tech 4 Kids was also mentioned by CNet,, Mashable, and Laptop. In my review package I received their Tek Recon Advanced Battle System and Fash'Ems: My Little Ponies.

The Tek Recon Advanced Battle System is a fun interactive game for kids to encourage movement and imagination, instead of sitting on the couch and staring at TV screen. With this system I received two guns, the Hammer Head and the Havok, as well as extra cartridges and ammo. These guns shoot a non-damaging, meaning no marks and no mess, called "NRG" Ammo. The ammo resemble a small soft rubber band. They can shoot up to 75 yards. With Tek Recon you can also connect a smart phone for interactive multi player battles. A free app is available for iPhone and Android. Through the app you can add sound effects, select different vision modes, such as night vision, and chat live with your team mates. My boys absolutely enjoyed this!

I also received Fash'Ems. These are squishy adorable My Little Ponies. These little squishy ponies are great soft toys. These make a great gift for any fashion savvy little girl. As a girl I had my little ponies everywhere and for my almost 2 year old I wanted to start her collection out right. With these great little ponies her collection is officially started. These are perfect for her little hands and no hair to worry about untangling or pulling out. I don't even have to worry when she throws them, because they aren't going to crash through the TV or a window. Fash'Ems is also available in Hello Kitty.

Thank you very much Tech 4 Kids for allowing us to review these great products from your company! -Suzi

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