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Holiday Guide: Skwooshi -Suzi

For our Holiday Guide this week I reviewed Skwooshi. Skwooshi is the ultimate playdoh! It stretches, molds, and shapes with no mess and never drying out! In my review package I received a large sized single tube of yellow Skwooshi, a package of two colors, red and yellow, that came with 4 molds, and a smaller package that came with one color, blue, and a small mold. 

My 9-year old, 6-year old, and almost 2-year old couldn't wait to get their hands on Skwooshi. The Skwooshi came in a brick that seemed like it was hard, but as the kids rolled it around their hands it became soft and pliable. They could mix the colors together inside the molds to make multi-colored spaceships, cars,and aliens. The colors came apart again so that they didn't have to stay the multi color like most Playdoh's do. Skwooshi was so much fun I even enjoyed playing with it. There was no color left behind or little bitty pieces to have to pick up. You can pull and it stretches, no crumbs from stretching, and they are fun bright colors as well. Skwooshi is an arts and craft activity that you don't have to be scared of!

Thank you Skwooshi for allowing us to review your fun product. ~Suzi

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