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Holiday Guide: Silver Wing Designs Review! - Gina

I was in love with just about EVERYTHING on Sliver Wing Designs Facebook page! She makes all custom hand stamped jewelry, even hair accessories. I requested the "Lucky Grandma" keychain and was so happy! It's just beautiful!

I've never seen such a variety of charms for necklaces, bracelets, and keychains! She evens make money clips, hair clips earrings, and perfect ornaments perfect for the holidays! She offer various metals to be stamped. Sterling silver, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and brass nickel. Each piece is custom stamped for every customer so they are unique and original.

If you check out her Etsy shop you can find something for EVERYONE on your holiday list this year! I had to give my mother in law a sneak peak at this, since it is her Christmas gift to see the full reaction! She cried she was so excited, and of course I'm jealous now! I want a lucky mom ! or maybe even a Baby charm with a birthstone necklace! I can't decide!

Check out Silver Wings Designs' 
Etsy shop:

Find more designs on their Facebook page -

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