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Holiday Guide: MarbleSpark Review! -Alexandra

I recently got to review a personalized Christmas book from MarbleSpark called 'Twas the Mouse who Saved Christmas. MarbleSpark  is a company started by a husband and wife team to make personalized children's books. Their name was created on the idea that they want their books to ignite the minds and imaginations of children. Currently two books are available, they are called Following Featherbottom and 'Twas the Mouse who Saved Christmas, but Marblespark is currently in the works of a third! This year 'Twas the Mouse who Saved Christmas won the Book of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine, which is such an honor and speaks wonders for how great this book is!

As soon as we took our book out of the packaging Mia was super excited to read it. She loves reading books with me and this book was no exception. When I first handed it to her I didn't tell her that it was personalized and she noticed as soon as she turned to the title page which has a dedication on it that you can personalize. She then spent the rest of the time looking through and finding all of the places that said her name. 'Twas the Mouse who Saved Christmas is about a little mouse named Pipp who works hard to make sure your child's name is on Santa's list after accidentally ripping it off! The story is so cute and perfect for any child and the illustrations are beautiful. I have been speaking wonders about the quality of this book ever since receiving it! The pages are thick, so not easy to rip and the cover is shiny and eye catching. The colors on each and every page are just beautiful and definitely keeps your attention. Below are a few photos of different places on the pages within the illustrations that you can find your child's name, but it also appears within the written story. We absolutely love our book from MarbleSpark and will be buying Following Featherbottom to add to our book collection!

A book from MarbleSpark would make a perfect gift for your children and the children of family and friends this holiday season. These books are completely unique and will make the parents and the children smile. I would recommend this book to anyone I know!

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