It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Holiday Guide: MandySewSweet Review! -Alexandra


Holiday Guide: MandySewSweet Review! -Alexandra

My daughter Mia is obsessed with Lalaloopsies and has been since she was just turning three, she is now almost five. They are by far the toy that she has played with the longest which is great, but it also kind of stinks because it means we have pretty much everything available for them. That is the reason I fell in love with MandySewSweet and I think any parent with a Lalaloopsy lover will too! Mandy Sew Sweet is a shop on Etsy that sells custom, hand sewn items (mostly houses, but also American Girl clothing, Lalaloopsy clothing, bags, cup cozies, and more). When I first found Mandy Sew Sweet there were really only Lalaloopsy houses available, but now there are a few based on My Little Pony and even ones based on Star Wars! 

Now I am going to tell you a little bit more about her Lalaloopsy themed houses! All of these house are handmade, amazing quality, and have perfect details. A lot of the houses are made based on specific characters and fit their colors and designs which is so great for someone with a favorite character! The one that we received to review is meant for all of the characters. The second we received this house in the mail my daughter wanted it, she didn't even want to let me take photos first! She sat down with it, set it up like the photo and off she went playing. Anywhere we go she takes her house with her filled with some characters and accessories. I will definitely be buying her more based on her favorite characters! These are a perfect and unique gift for any little girl!
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