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Holiday Guide: Lillian Vernon Review - Nicole

Lillian Vernon is a catalog and online retailer. They have a huge selection of personalized gifts, fashion accessories and a large selection of household seasonal or every day d├ęcor. They publish two catalogs currently: Lillian Vernon and Lilly's Kids. Each catalog averages 80 pages and consists of more than 700 products. Lillian Vernon prides themselves on personalizing the perfect gift for you and your loved ones, because they know it adds that 'I chose this specifically for you!' touch - and they cherish that! To top it off, with Lillian Vernon, personalizing is always free and adds absolutely no time delay!

We were chosen to review this adorable Doll in a trunk! This doll has open
shut eyes, a soft vinyl body, posable arms and legs and hair that your little one can brush!

The trunk is made of board. The handle, corners and clasp are made of plastic. There is an unbreakable mirror inside and a drawer as well, which we used to hold shoes and other small, miscellaneous accessories. In the trunk you will find a beautiful blonde doll, a sleeping bag with a pillow, 8 complete outfits, 7 hangers and a hairbrush. Each outfit is placed in it's own plastic baggie containing the full outfit, including shoes and hats.

Above, you can see the Party Perfect outfit. Below are the Hoodie and Skirt, Rain Gear, Pretty in Pink and Denim and Plaid outfits.

This collage features the sleeping bag and the Fleece Sleepwear, Evening Ensemble and Red Plaid outfits. You can also see that the eyes do completely shut. None of that creepy half open/half shut nonsense.

My daughter. Jayde, has hardly put this doll down since receiving it! She has surprisingly kept every single piece together. She has a hard time changing the clothes on her own, but she isn't quite 3 yet. Every time she needs an outfit change, she brings me the trunk and lets me know what outfit she needs on 'Eliza'. She has brushed Eliza's hair to no end,  we have braided Eliza's hair and put it in pony tails for different looks - and she still has all of her hair! She isn't balding, I haven't had to pick doll hair up off of the floor. All of you moms with girls who love to brush hair, know what an amazing feat that is! Jayde sleeps with Eliza, takes her shopping, makes her nap in my purse when we are out, gives her kisses and hugs and even tries to feed the doll. Jayde loves Eliza. And for that, I love Lillian Vernon. 

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