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Holiday Guide: JoMazing Accessories Review - Nicole

JoMazing Accessories provides high quality and high fashion handmade accessories for girls! From pacifier clips to hair accessories, you are bound to find something you'll fall in love with! Because all of the items are handmade, no two are 100% identical! Talk about being unique!

We were chosen to review an adorable red candy cane and flowered headband with a snowflake center!

This headband is gorgeous and features two fabric flowers placed next to each other on a candy cane striped headband, with a shimmery snowflake in the middle. Neither of my daughters will typically leave a headband on for long, but my 2 year old liked it so much that she begged me to let her wear it...even to bed! JoMazing has a plethora of adorable products. You can even customize an order and get exactly what you have envisioned as the perfect accessory! I have been peeking around through the SALE items today for some Spring and Halloween goodies and cannot wait to place my first order!

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