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Holiday Guide: Follow Me Fairies Review! - Alexandra

Mia and I recently got to review an activity pack from Follow Me Fairies and we absolutely love it! Follow Me Fairies is an activity playset for little girls ages 3 and up and is absolutely perfect for them to use creativity and imagination! Inside of this backpack are different sections for different types of play including an addition pocket for your little one to include what they would like. Included in this activity pack is a storybook, a fairy tale, a magic wand, magic fairy glasses, a whiteboard, and four colored markers. There are also three different kits available, pink which features a fairy named Alexandra, purple which features a fairy named Madison, and blue which features a fairy named Tomar.

Mia loves her Follow Me Fairies activity kit. She received the pink kit that has a fairy named Alexandra which she thinks is really funny since that is my name. The first day that we received this kit she slept with her fairy and was playing with her with her other stuffed animals. She also loved the book that goes along with this activity kit, she constantly looks at the photos and has me read it to her. This is the perfect activity kit to bring along in the car. Mia loves drawing on the whiteboard and using her imagination to turn into a fairy using her magic glasses just like the story book. Mia also loves that she is able to fit something she wants to bring on the go in the additional pocket.

It's a MOM thing and Follow Me Fairies has come together to offer a discount for our readers on these amazing activity kits! Click the link to head over and purchase one for the little girls on your holiday shopping list, they make a perfect gift! Get yours here! Don't forget to check out Follow Me Fairies website:

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