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Holiday Guide: Artterro Review! - Alexandra

Our blog recently got to work with Artterro a company that sells eco-friendly art kits! Artterro was founded with the beliefs of using as few materials as possible, respecting the people they work with, and taking into account the impact that we have on the planet and community. All of Artterro's art kits use high quality and sustainable materials and no two kits are exactly the same. Some of Artterro's materials even come from other countries. Their paper is 100% handmade of post-consumer waste from India and Thailand, the 100% wool felt is from Nepal, and their tissue papers are from France. The packages that Artterro uses are also made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled boxes and are designed to be repurposed as a frame for finished artwork! The materials also come in a resealable plastic bag so you can use it for storing extra materials after doing the project. 

My 10 year old sister got to review a kit and she chose the Bookmaking Kit. This kit includes solid colored and decorative papers that are handmade using 100% post consumer waste, small wood and seed beads, sequins, craft thread, needles, instructions, and an ideas sheet. All that you need to provide to make these books are scissors, glue, and some imagination! This kit includes enough materials to make four small books that can be used to write mini stories, fill as a scrapbook, or use as a journal. Below is one of the books that my sister made. She decided to make one at a time and fill the first before moving on to the next. She really enjoyed this craft kit and found it to be a bit more challenging than most of the standard art kits you can find at most other stores. This kit is for 8+ and I wouldn't recommend it for anyone younger since there are a lot of small pieces and because the child using it will be working with a needle to assemble the books. My sister also found this to be a bit more challenging and time consuming than most other art kits which means it took her more time keeping her busy longer which was great. She has mentioned wanting to try more art kits from Artterro.

Art kits from Artterro are a perfect gift  for any child that enjoys doing arts and crafts. These kits are higher quality and more unique than other art sets that I have seen! 

Artterro has offered a coupon code for our readers! Head over to their website and enter IAMT20 to receive 20% your order through December 15th! 

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