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Fairytale Wishes Inc. Review - Nicole

Do you have a kiddo who has bad days? A kiddo who has bad dreams or trouble getting to sleep? Do you chase monsters out from under beds and out of closets? I do, and that is why I was so very excited to review the sprays from Fairytale Wishes Inc.! Fairytale Wishes Inc. has designed aromatherapy sprays that help defend our kids against common childhood anxieties. Each spray has a different scent for a different cause, and a fairytale that goes along with it. They offer: Happy Camper Spray (grape jelly scent), Super Hero Spray (peppermint scent), Monster Repellent Spray (bubble gum scent), Tooth Fairy Spray (cotton candy scent) and Sweet Dreams Spray (lavender scent).

The two sprays that I reviewed were the Happy Camper Spray and the Super Hero Spray. Happy Camper Spray is for those who are away at camp, or wherever else, and feeling a little homesick. One spray on your pillow helps to keep the homesickness away. We, used the Happy Camper Spray as a 'make you happy' remedy, though. In our house being a happy camper means that you're just simply being happy - so my kids enjoyed a grape aroma each morning as they prepared to spend the day as a happy camper! When they would get a little ornery during the day, I'd give them a little spray and watch their eyes light up as their moods 'magically' changed!

The Super Hero Spray is to give you courage! One spray of the peppermint goodness gives you courage to last an entire day! My daughter used this to get her first ever hair cut! My son asked for a little to help him when he went to school on testing day.

Both of these sprays have a little glitter in them - so be sure to shake them up and get the 'fairy dust', as my kids called it, mixed in well or else the sprays won't have their full potency and may wear off!
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