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Ella's Kitchen Review - Nicole

Boy oh boy how my youngest daughter, Rylin, likes to eat and we only want what is best for her, so I was overjoyed to review Ella's Kitchen. They provide 100% organic foods that combine the things your kids love to eat and the things your kids don't always like as much, into one yummy concoction! Ella's Kitchen does not add extra salts or sugars and they use purees, as opposed to concentrates! The packaging is superb! They are handy to have at home or take on the go, and the vibrant color always catches the attention of kiddos!

These are the flavors that we reviewed!:
Mouth Watering Beef Medley: She ate this one, but it definitely wasn't her favorite. Daddy and her siblings also tasted it and said it was alright, just really bland - which is perfect for a baby! We don't need a sensory overload!
Milk + Vanilla Baby Cookies: These were a huge hit with all 3 of my children!
Raspberry + Vanilla Puffins: These actually didn't have much flavor to them, unfortunately. Rylin spent more time throwing them at me than actually eating them. My husband and I agree that they taste like a very dulled down version of a wheat puff cereal.

Apples Green Beans + Raisins: Rylin ate this one, as she would a normal meal. She liked it just fine, but it wasn't her favorite.
Bananas Apricots + Baby Rice: This was a top contender for her favorite! My oldest daughter also wanted to taste it, and enjoyed it very much.
The Sweet Potato + Blueberry One: Another great flavor that both of my daughters enjoyed!
Pears Mangos + Papayas: Great tasting! Actually, I let my oldest daughter and son try all of these so that they could give me feedback in words - and my oldest daughter was no too keen on giving this one back to Rylin.

Mangoes + Carrots Nibbly Fingers: Rylin really didn't care for these, although I thought they were pretty tasty. I think they were just a little bulky to fit easily in her mouth. My older daughter also really enjoyed these.
Raisin + Prune Baby Brekkie: This one was the absolute favorite. Hands down, all 3 kids liked this one the best!
The Yellow One: This one was like a children's smoothie! It had an amazing banana flavor that stuck out above all else. Again, this one was a top contender as well.
I have, since reviewing, bought multiple of the other flavors that they have to offer. Most of which have been a big hit. The 'brekkie' flavors are definitely the favorite in this house, and I am keeping myself stocked up on them!
Check out Ella's Kitchen website:
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