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B&G Foods, Inc. Review - Nicole

You probably know of B&G Foods, Inc. from their products like Cream of Wheat, Baker's Joy and Mrs. Dash. They produce and distribute name brands that we have all come to know and love in our homes. The three that I reviewed are:

Polaner All Fruit with Fiber:
This fruit spread is seedless and our absolute favorite! We use this in place of jelly and jam. We also use this to create the dipping sauce for our Monte Cristo sandwiches! They have other flavors such as blackberry and strawberry as well.

Regina Red Wine Vinegar: My husband and his family used this product to make a homemade vinegarette for a salad that they made, and said it was absolutely to die for! I tasted it alone, but it doesn't have the same effect by itself - but I'm not a salad fan.

Crock Pot Original Chili: We used this in our old chili recipe, in place of the spices that we typically use. It was the perfect amount of heat, not too spicy but not too mild either. My kids ate the chili up like it was going out of style.

Check out the B&G Foods, Inc. website:

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