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Ashley Bridget Review! -Alexandra

I recently got to review two bracelets from Ashley Bridget and I absolutely love them! Ashley Bridget is a jewelry company that sells bracelets and rings. They work hard to stay fashion forward, fun, and youthful and believe that no outfit is complete without jewelry! The designers at Ashley Bridget believe that each piece of clothing and jewelry you wear should reflect you and your style and work to create jewelry to help you do just that. They sell four different lines of bracelets that have different styles to represent you and your personality.
  • The first style is the Armory style which is a hand threaded weave with spikes and chains sold in various colors.
  • The second style is the Nautical style which is a sailors rope and knot and sold in various colors.
  • The third style is the Arm Candy style. These bracelets are cord with a gold or crystal cross and other gold or crystal detailing. Also available in different colors.
  • The fourth style is the Expression style! The bracelets are multiple detailed bracelets fastened together to make a statement of your style.

I got to review two expression style bracelets! :
The first that I got to review was the Magic Style bracelet. I am a huge Harry Potter Nerd and this bracelet was inspired by "Harry Potter". Ashley Bridget says that it is a "a testament to the wild wonders of life".  This bracelet has 5 different strands fastened together and has an adjustable chain which is great. Any "Harry Potter" lover can tell immediately that this bracelet was inspired by it even though Ashley Bridget isn't associated with "Harry Potter" in any way.  I have gotten so many compliments on this bracelet and so many people asking me where to get it. 

The second bracelet that I got to review is the Passion Style bracelet. According to Ashley Bridget this bracelet is "a symbol to cause change for the greater good". This bracelet has 5 bracelets fastened together and also has an adjustable chain. There is one plain brown leather strand, a cross strand, an infinity sign, a love strand, and an anchor strand. I feel like this bracelet was made for me. I love all of the symbols included in it and aqua is my favorite color so it is absolutely perfect and I get many compliments on it as well! 

I absolutely love Ashley Bridget and will definitely be gifting some of their jewelry this holiday season! You can too at an even more affordable price with 60% off of items from the Expression Collection using the coupon code we received for our readers! Enter code itsamomthing at checkout!

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  1. I find it hard to believe anyone but a 3 yr old would love these cheap,plastic poorly made, dollar store quality bracelets! BUYER BEWARE!