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Vino2Go XL Review! - Suzi

Since we've been reviewing all this kiddo and beautification stuff, I went a little opposite and reviewed a mommy relaxation item, the Vino2Go (also known as the wine sippy cup)!!! I don't need one of those, said no mom EVER! This cup brought to you buy the great folks at Wine Trail Adventures. The Vino2Go is BPA free and is made of SAN acrylic to prevent breakage and helps your beverage stay at a desired temperature longer. It also doesn't sweat, so no condensation on the cup! The XL size holds half of a wine bottle (or in my case 12 oz of spiked cider), and you can't go wrong with a lid! Enter to win your own Vino2Go below!

This cup is perfect for tailgating, fishing, hunting, camping, or just making sure you don't ever spill a drop. It's also perfect for places that don't allow glass such as the pool or the beach. Thank you Wine Trail Adventures for allowing me to review this fun product! Keep checking this blog for a review about their fun new app that goes with their website.

Buy a Vino2Go XL or regular size (plus lots of other fun products) at:

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