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Urbanhalo Headbands Review! - Gina

I had the pleasure of trying 3 headbands from Urbanhalo! I recently stopped wearing headbands because they all were killing my head! Either too tight or loose, too many issues. Urbanhalo Headbands have been a DREAM to wear.. they fit perfectly! No matter your head size there's no slipping off! There are no headaches from being too tight! The whole head band is a good quality thick band OR you can play around with the width of the band on top! I was loving the thin look with the hand band! When working out I opened it up all the way for more control over my hair (which I have a lot of). One of the best things about them.. even though the band is good and thick NEVER did I sweat once under it like I tend to do! I even wore it on the outside of my head as one of those "hippy" kinda looks ! SUPER CUTE! You can wear them for everything! Dress them up, down at the gym, picking up from school you name it and there's a pattern for it ! I am using my tie dye band to be a hippy for Halloween and all! The black and white polka dot just perfect and goes with every outfit ! The last design is a floral type, beautiful colors! You won't believe all the different styles and patterns ! Check them out and get your orders in for the holidays ! Perfect gift for all the girls/women in your life !

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