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Our World Boutique Review! -Gina

I am just LOVING my necklaces and shirt from Our Would Boutique! Our World Boutique has fashion inspired from all over the world at great group prices. All of their items are really reasonably priced but not at all lacking in style or quality!
I wore the shirt literally 2 days after I got it! I got so many compliments that it's so slimming and beautiful, which it really is! Every item is just beautiful! I was worried about the shirt.. you know sometimes things are just "true to size".. well my medium was the perfect medium ! The quality of the shirt isn't that cheapy material either, it is a beautiful sheer!

The top picture is a Long necklace, it looks like a lock with key. the lock opens and has a little clock inside! It is too cute! I'm going to tell you the price because you won't believe it .. $3.99!! seriously ?! $3.99 for that beautiful necklace! The perfect holiday gift !! 
The long multiple strands of white beads.. only 7.99! I can't wait to put on my little black dress and dress it up with this beautiful necklace ! It comes in a bunch of different colors: white, mint, blue, sky blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, koi orange, emerald green, acai purple, turbulence grey, deep lychen green, mykonos blue, vivacious pink, and linden green. With the holidays around the corner again the perfect gift for sisters, aunts and friends !! Enter the giveaway on our Facebook page ( to win one of these stranded necklackes! Make sure to comment here what color you want if you win!

Get your holiday orders in!! Website link