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Original Sprout Review -Suzi

Recently I was given the opportunity to review some great organic, 100% vegan baby care supplies. These supplies were shipped to me from Original Sprout. Everything that goes into the Original Sprout's product is Free & Clean. This company prides itself with being 100% Vegan and cruelty free. So no testing on animals. 

The ingredients in these products are completely natural ingredients. No Parabens, Nanoparticles, Lavender, Tea Tree, Petroleum Oil, Musk, Propylene Glycol, Sulfates, Gluten, Soy, or Dairy. This is a product that will allow you to not worry about allergens. Perfumed with natural extracts. 

    In this package I received: Scrumptious Baby Cream, Miracle Detangler, and Hair & Baby Wash!

                                                                                       Scrumptious Baby Cream 

is so creamy and no grease was left behind on her skin like so many other baby lotions that you get. I absolutely love the fact that it is natural. It's great that I recieved this as winter is about to hit in my area. I had been noticing Lolya's skin getting drier and drier. I was contemplating switching lotions when I recieved the Original Sprout box to review. I have only had to apply once a day and it has helped out much more than the other types I was using.

Miracle Detangler

I was skeptical about the detangler because I've never found one that really worked to get the tangles out of Lolya's hair. I would spray her hair and it was like I didn't do anything and even worse it made her hair oily and gross. So I used caution using this detangler and I will tell you I was so surprised that it worked so great and her hair wasn't left gross afterwards. It kept her hair soft and once dried it looked like she'd just jumped out of the bath.

Hair & Body Wash

is absolutely great. I love the smell of it and it mosturized her skin and her hair much better than the normal hair and body washes. I have taken to using adult shampoo and conditioner on her hair because of the dryness her hair was getting from the baby hair and body wash that I was purchasing.

Thank you Original Sprout for allowing me to review these products!

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