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Little Passports Review - Nicole

If you don't know about Little Passports, you are missing out! Little Passports offers learning opportunities by mailing monthly travel packages directly to your mailbox. These packages are designed to help your little adventurer to stay enthusiastic about their exploration and continue on the next leg of their adventure! Every month your child will anxiously await a new package filled with goodies from a new country or state!

Little Passports markets their subscriptions for ages 5 to 12 years old, which seems like a HUGE age difference, but when you look at the subscription options - it makes sense. Little Passports offers two types of subscriptions: The World Edition and The USA Edition. While both subscriptions explore a country or state each month, the World Edition is more suited for the younger age group and the USA Edition provides more in-depth material that is better suited for older children.

Your first month comes in a neat little 'suitcase', as my son called it. The suitcase is filled with an introductory letter from Sam and Sofia (your tour guides), a large map of the world, a picture of Sam and Sofia, stickers of Sam and Sofia, a world passport, a worksheet and a boarding pass that allows you to access the Boarding Zone on the website.

The Boarding Zone is an interactive site that has trivia, maps and puzzles that are specific to whatever state or country you are visiting that month.

We reviewed the Worldwide version of Little Passports, and I will admit that some of the trivia was a little much for my 5 year old son. However, he did actually learn and retain quite a bit of it and he really enjoyed the puzzles.

You can view their website here:
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