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Funbites Review - Nicole

I am a stay at home mom, and I swear I make 1,000 sandwiches every week! Okay, so maybe not THAT many - but still, I make a lot. Not to mention the countless amounts of cheese and fruit I cut up. I also volunteer at my son's school to organize class parties, and as we all know - finger foods are a must for the kiddies! So, I was stoked to review Funbites!

Funbites makes bite-sized cutters in all kinds of shapes - from hearts, to squares and even triangles. I chose to review the triangles because they are different and were different sizes - so you can make more fun food creations; like fish! Funbites is dishwasher safe. However, I typically just hand wash it to be sure I get the small corners nice and clean.

I have used my Funbites literally every single day since I received it. It can make everything fun and bite-sized! Funbites also helps to cut down on messes. No more mayonnaise making your sandwich slip and slide. No more pizza sauce oozing from your fingers from being squeezed out around your teeth. We have used it on sandwiches, fruits like apples and watermelon, cheeses, hamburgers, and even quesadillas! This is one time I don't mind the kids 'playing' with their food. I cut out the shapes with our Funbites and I let them spend some time arranging their snacks/meals the way they want it to look before they eat it. I haven't had a chance to use my Funbites for any school parties or larger gatherings yet, but I look forward to using it soon for such an occasion.

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