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Food Should Taste Good Review! -Alexandra

I love tortilla chips so I was really looking forward to reviewing items from Food Should Taste Good! All of their chips are non-GMO, cholesterol free, have no trans fat, are gluten free, Kosher, and most are vegan. They make a variety of flavors of tortilla chips, kettle cooked chips, and crackers so I am sure that they have a perfect flavor for everyone! You can find Food Should Taste Good at most grocery stores in the US and Canada, you are also able to purchase them from their online store. I received four different bags of their tortilla chips and I am going to tell you a bit about each! 

Multigrain: These tortilla chips include flax, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, quinoa, and brown rice. They have a bit of a nutty flavor which I didn't really expect but they were delicious. They also had a bit of salt so that they weren't bland but not too much that I found them to be overly salty. I will definitely be buying these again to pair with salsas, hummus, and dips. 

Sweet Potato: I LOVE THESE! These chips are my new addiction. I could eat them with every meal, haha. They have a strong sweet potato flavor, a bit of sweetness because of the can sugar, and a bit of saltiness, a perfect combination of flavors. Next I want to try them with peach salsa. 

Kimchi: The first day we received these chips my husband opened the bag of these and started eating them. He absolutely loved them, he actually ate the entire bag in two sittings because he loved them so much. He said that they were spicy and a bit tangy like Kimchi should be. These tortilla chips have dried cabbage, bell pepper, onion, garlic, and vinegar.

Lime: These tortilla chips are flavored with lime and sea salt. Once my husband and I opened the bag we both kept eating them. They are the perfect combination of the tart lime and salty sea salt. We ate them plain but I can't wait to try them with salsa because I think that the flavors would go really well together. 

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