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Ella Vanilla Cake Decorating Review - Nicole

I could have jumped over the moon when I was chosen to review this product! I have dreamed of cake decorating and taking classes for years!

Ella Vanilla is an amazing company that creates packages to help ease you along the way of making a show stopping cake! I chose to do a fondant cake because I wanted the extra challenge, but they have beautiful icing cakes as well that are a bit less labor intensive.

When I received my box from Ella Vanilla, I immediately opened it up and read the instructions, hoping it was something I could accomplish that evening. Unfortunately, I didn't have the things I needed - like the icing or the ingredients for my cake...doh! I also didn't realize how much time really went into making a picture perfect cake! Ella Vanilla literally provided every ingredient except the cake and the icing, right down to the baking pans! As a matter of fact, they also provided many of the tools that I needed to use.

I baked my cakes in the Ella Vanilla pans, so that they would be easy to get out for shaping and stacking. After they had cooled over night, I went ahead with following the rest of the instructions that Ella Vanilla provided. When it came to the fondant, I did go out and buy a fondant roller and fondant smoother. I was nervous about how thick to roll the fondant out, and the roller came with bands that determined thickness. Plus, I figure if I'm going to try this more than once - it is worth the investment. Also, I didn't have a cake turntable - but I used a table top Lazy Susan and that worked wonderfully!

Let me tell you - draping fondant is NOT nearly as easy at the professionals make it look, and fondant is much heavier than you could imagine! Once the fondant was draped, I had instructions for cutting out probably 200 flowers in varying sizes. Again, Ella Vanilla provided the tools needed to create these flowers. After all of the fondant flowers were placed, I had 3 large sugar roses and 2 small sugar roses to place on the cake.

It was such a beauty, that I made my husband cut it for us because I couldn't stand to cut into such a masterpiece. Everyone in the house raved about how amazing it looked, even my Facebook friends loved it! I will absolutely be ordering several more kits from Ella Vanilla, in hopes of more brag worthy cakes!

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  1. Well done! I had the same wonderful experience with EllaV! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous results! I do have a question...did you create each "cut out" flower ahead of time (like, overnight?) and then attach each completed flower to the cake? I was wondering how you could press each piece in separately without the little sugar beads falling off.