It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Element bar Review!! -Suzi


Element bar Review!! -Suzi

Element Bars

I was given the opportunity to review nutrition bar's by the company Element Bars. Element Bars are customizable nutrition and energy bars. With Element Bars you create your own bars by picking from their ingredients list for fruits, nuts, sweets, and energy boost. You also have the choice to make the bar chewy, crunchy, oaty, fruits & nuts, or datey. In your customizable bar you also can add boosts for antioxidants, GI health, brain/memory, heart, and muscle/strength. For my review I received two bars: Chocolate Cherry and Grumpy's Bar.

Chocolate Cherry Bar
This bar had a great chewy texture. This bar was made with dark chocolate, apple juice, and cherries. I loved the mixes of this bar. Great for curbing that obnoxious sweet tooth craving that seems to come along with that time of month. I shared this bar with my 9 year-old and he actually said he liked it more than his usual granola bars.

Grumpy's Bar
This bar was a sample of their bars built by customers. It is a natural energy bar. Grumpy's Bar had a mixture of dates, pumpkin spice, blueberries, apple juice, and peanut butter. The blueberries really stood out in this custom made bar. The texture of the date bar was a mix between a chewy and oaty type.
Kolby is loving the Grumpy's Bar!!
Thank you Element Bars for allowing me to review your delicious custom made nutrition bars!

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