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Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes Review - Nicole

I love cheesecake, so when I was chosen for this review - I was through the roof with excitement! Decadence Cheesecakes provides many different flavors of premade, fresh cheesecakes! They send them to you in refrigerated packaging so that they stay fresh even through delivery. The best part? They are ready to eat fresh out of the mailbox! You can also choose to refrigerate or freeze them.

I was delighted to review 4 sweet cheesecakes and 2 of their savory appetizer cheesecakes.

  • El Diablo - HOT Ghost Chili Pepper/Habanero CheesecakeA savory cheesecake, and the one I was the most worried about trying. This one I was invited to try with lime tortilla chips, and I could not have stomached it otherwise. When they say hot, they mean HOT. Fire breathing dragon hot. My husband ate most of it, because after a few bites my mouth just could not handle this cheesecake. It was extremely flavorful! My husband loved it and has requested that I buy him some for game days.
  • Bacon/Blue Cheese CheesecakeThis is the other savory cheesecake, and again, I was weary to try it. I opened the jar with caution and kind of held my breath on the first taste - I won't lie. But, to my surprise it was really delicious! A word of caution, it has a lot of onions. I can honestly say that without the onion, just because I don't care for onion in general, this would have been my favorite of the 6 cheesecakes - by a long shot! If you love dips, these savory cheesecakes are definitely worth trying!
  • German Chocolate CheesecakeThis cheesecake is a classic. The perfect blend of flavors. The coconut isn't chewy, nor crunchy - it was just right. The crusts that they use are perfect. This was the first cheesecake I tried out of the 6. It was so good, that I chose to 'sneak' the next one so that I wouldn't have to share it with my kiddos!
  • Strawberry NY Style CheesecakeThis cheesecake turned out to be my favorite! I took this one to my bedroom so that I wouldn't have to share it. The strawberry was perfect and fresh tasting, and the cheesecake was delicate and light. I would buy this one a thousand times over! Unfortunately, my photo of this flavor did not save.
  • The Irish Dream CheesecakeAnother delectable cheesecake! You could really taste the Irish Cream in this cheesecake. It wasn't overpowering, but the flavor wasn't hidden like so many Irish Cream treats.
  • Outer Banks CheesecakeThis is a peanut butter cheesecake, and trust me, you don't need my description to figure it out! It had the perfectly peanut butter taste, without losing the texture of an amazing cheesecake. This one was a favorite with my children! I believe they ate all but 2 bites of this one!

Decadence Cheesecake offers other flavors of cheesecake as well. The one I am most definitely going to buy is they Key Lime Cheesecake. I love all things key lime, and cheesecake is no exception!

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