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Brothers-All-Natural Review - Suzi

I recently got the opportunity to review a great all-natural snack company. Brothers-All-Natural makes freeze dried fruit snacks that are great for kiddos. My kids devoured these so fast I couldn't even get pictures of them eating them! (I should also mention they make great husband snacks too :))
Brothers All-Natural has several different fruits available. You can purchase these in packs of 20-80 counts. I was sent the variety pack that contained a variety of 20 fruits. You can also find them in lots of different stores!

I recieved the Disney Fruit Crisps Sampler. In this package I got:
•4 bags Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Fuji Apple

•4 bags Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Apple-Cinnamon

•4 bags Donald Duck Asian Pear

•4 bags Goofy Strawberry-Banana

•2 bags Clubhouse Banana

•2 bags Clubhouse Pineapple

"Our Freeze-Dried Fruit Crisps contain nothing but fruit; absolutely NO additives or preservatives. We take delicious, fresh fruit and gently remove 95% of the water; transforming it into a light, flavorful “crisp.” That’s it! A healthy, convenient, fruit snack that is low in calories and perfectly portioned to provide two full servings of fruit per pouch. Check out our Disney Fruit Crisps; a fun snack for kids!" - Brothers All-Natural  

These freeze dried snacks were absolutely perfect for my 20 month old. My older children 9 and 6 took them to school for snacks, and even my husband put them in his lunch box :). I will warn you, the pineapple was sour but it was so very good. I loved that these came in these individual packages that I could just throw in the diaper bag and go.  

Brothers All-Natural also offer's Fruits & Oats. "Our Fruit & Oats breakfast cereal is made of 50% Fruit and 50% Whole Grain Oats, Nothing Else! No preservatives, no added sugar, no colorings, and no flavor enhancers! Just the best fruit from around the world, and whole grain Australian Oats. A delicious, healthy, and convenient oatmeal breakfast cereal - The one Mother Nature would eat! All contents included for fast preparation; even the spoon!" -Brothers All-Natural.   Thank you Brothers All-Natural for the oppurtunity to review these great snacks! 

 Head to Brothers All Natural's website to receive 10% off an order by entering code: MOMTHING10
1-877-84-CRISP (27477)
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