It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Blue Green Planet-Eco-friendly products for kids! -Gina


Blue Green Planet-Eco-friendly products for kids! -Gina

I know we all teach our kids .. eco-friendly .. recycle and all that, but how many actually do it? Well this is one company that DOES! Blue Green Planet makes birthday cards, thank yous, birth announcement even growth charts ! I was extremely lucky and got sent growth charts! I kept the boy one for my son and gave one to my friend for her little girl ! When you purchase cards from Blue Green Plant you're helping the environment! All are made from 100% post consumer fiber, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, you’re helping to protect endangered forests and the critical habitat they provide for wildlife.

Now lets get to another good point. Their products are ADORABLE!!! I love this growth chart, seriously how cute?! My sons young so isn't interested in his height yet, but my little cousin thought it was so cool to be able to count the lines up to the next milestone! It's easy to write on, and the material is strong enough to under go a 1 and half year old trying to pull it off the wall!

I really wish I was having a Halloween party this year just to order the adorable invitations! All prices are reasonable, and that's what is really hard to find!!

Each growth chart only retails for $20! growth chart includes height and date entries. Growth chart size is 7.5" x 40", and measures your child's growth from 26" to 50". Printed on FSC certified paper with 100% post consumer fiber.

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