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Adagio Teas: Blood Orange Herbal Tea Review! - Alexandra

A few weeks back I reviewed a few different types of tea from Adagio Teas, another type that I got to review is Blood Orange herbal tea! This tea is a blend of orange peel, hibiscus flowers, rose hips, and natural orange flavor. As soon as you open the package you can smell the orange and a bit of the hibiscus. Once I brewed it the color was awesome, it was a reddish orange just like a blood orange and smelled amazing. I found it to be a bit tangy for my taste without any sweetener, but I tried it with sugar a few times and another with honey and really enjoyed it. I tried this tea iced as well and absolutely loved it. I love that the orange doesn't taste artificial or leave an odd aftertaste after drinking it like some orange flavored items do. I also love the other flavors blended with the orange to make it a bit more subtle. I would definitely recommend this tea to anyone who enjoys citrus flavors!
Adagio Teas has hundreds of flavors of tea and iced tea and some brewing products. One of my favorite things about this company are the awesome Fandom themed blends that they offer! They have tea blends based on things like The Hunger Games, My Little Pony, and Doctor Who; as well as tons more! Their products make a perfect gift for any tea lover!

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