It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Little Cotton Dress Review! -Suzi, Nicole, Alexandra


Little Cotton Dress Review! -Suzi, Nicole, Alexandra

We were all so excited to review dresses from Little Cotton dresses! All of their dresses are handmade and made of 100% cotton. Some of the dresses that you can buy from their online store are made to grow with the child, so they fit a smaller size as a dress but continue to fit the child as they get older as a shirt. They are sold in sizes 6m - 10 years. They also send really cute handmade finger puppets with each order, and even use them for fundraisers in schools where they are made. All of these dresses are made in South American so that jobs, education, and support to hundreds of families.

"I absolutely fell in love with the dress I received for Lolya as soon as I opened the package. The detail is perfect and beautiful. This dress is a summer dress, but I can't wait to figure out ways for her to wear it this winter" -Suzi

"I love that these dresses are handmade! The material of the dress I received is very sturdy, yet still light enough that my daughters didn't sweat in it. My dress is a little bigger than department store sizes, but not by much. I really like that the straps are the kind that tie so that you can fit it to your daughter as she grows. Also, these dresses help to support those in need and sometimes even help with school fundraising, which is a major plus as any of us with school aged kiddos can see." -Nicole

"Mia loves the dress that we received! As soon as we got it in the mail we looked forward to wearing it! I love that they are all handmade, it gives each dress a personal touch. I also love that the dresses are made with a lightweight material but still feels like it is excellent quality." -Alexandra

They currently have some specials going on over at Zulily for the end of the summer until the 26th of September! There is also another event from the 27th - 30th!

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