It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Somersault Snack Co. Review! -Alexandra


Somersault Snack Co. Review! -Alexandra

I recently got to review some products from Somersault Snack Co. and they were delicious. Somersault makes their snacks out of mostly sunflower seeds combines with other whole food ingredients such as sunflower oil, sesame seeds, and whole wheat flour, they are also nut free and some of their flavors are vegan. One serving of these snacks has more antioxidants than blueberries, more protein than almonds, and more fiber than an apple.They also come in a variety of flavors! I am going to tell you a bit about their flavors below. These snacks are a perfect snack because they are somewhat filling and can hold you over between meals. My sister took them to school with her with her lunch and she loves them. My daughter also enjoys eating them as a snack. A few weeks ago while shopping someone was handing out samples of these and everyone who tasted them really seemed to enjoy them. We actually purchased a package to send to my cousin who goes to college a few hours away, and he loves them too!
The flavors:
  • Pacific Sea Salt: This flavor is awesome. There is just enough of the sea salt to compliment the taste of the sunflower seeds and sesame seeds without being overly salty. 
  • Cinnamon Crunch: These were my favorite. They are slightly sweet and have a great cinnamon flavor. They are the perfect snack when craving something sweet
  • Dutch Cocoa: My 4 year old daughter, Mia, loved these! She loves chocolate and these provide her a cocoa  flavor in a healthier way than a chocolate bar or other chocolate treats.
  • Salty Pepper: I expected this flavor to just be a bit salty with a bit of black pepper but it also has hints of garlic and onion which was really awesome.
  • Santa Fe Salsa: This flavor has chile pepper, jalepeno, and lime so they are a bit spicy. My husband really enjoyed them though. They are perfect for a spice lover.

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