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SnackTaxi Review - Nicole

When I was asked to Review SnackTaxi I thought, 'How Perfect?! I have a new Kindergartener who takes a lunch and two snacks to school Monday-Friday!' The day I received it in the mail, I tossed it into the washing machine and dryer. It came out beautifully! None of the thread was fraying, not even around the velcro! Over the next few days I allowed my children to use it for random snacking, because it was the weekend so I couldn't send it to school quite yet. I washed it another time after my 2 year old decided to put her cereal in it, oh joy! Again, it held up perfectly in the washing machine and dryer. Today, I was able to send it to school for the ultimate test. My son loved it! It gave him something to talk about with his friends, as they asked him multiple questions about it - including where to have their Mommies buy one for them! I was afraid that he would forget to bring it home, and throw it away like he usually does with the wrappers that his snacks come in. Much to my surprise, though, he brought it home and was eager to refill it for tomorrow's snack!

The snack Taxi has a strip of velcro that is about 2 inches long, which is great because it is easy for little fingers to navigate. Also, having the 2 inches of vlecro allows for you to choose what size the bag should be. It can be large enough to hold a sandwich and small enough to fold over and successfully hold something as small as a dumped out package of M&m's. There are multiple designs to choose from which makes it perfect for all ages and genders. Also, having more than one design would help to distinguish one from another. Like in my case, with 3 children, they could easily tell which one belonged to who without having a huge fight on my hands. SnackTaxi also has other products, like a sandwich bag, produce bags and napkins. This would be an easy and green way to plan for a family Picnic! The #1 best thing about the SnackTaxi is that it is eco-friendly. It is machine washable, and doesn't need to be thrown away like your typical snack baggy. The less plastic we put into the waters and landfills of our World, the better!

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