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Smoobee, Magic No Cry Brush Review!- Alexandra

It was just about time to get a new brush for Mia since her hair is getting longer so I was really excited to be able to review the Smoobee, Magic No Cry Brush! Smoobee brushes are so fun! I love that the come in kid friendly colors (pink, purple, turquoise, and light blue) and that they have different gem stickers that you can use to make them personalized. My daughter was really happy that she got a pink one and loved adding the flower gems to her brush to make it look exactly the way she wanted. Since using this brush brushing Mia's hair has been so much easier not only because it doesn't pull or catch on her hair but because she loves using it. The day after using Smoobee for the first time Mia was so excited to show my mom her new brush. I over heard Mia telling her that the brush got her knots out "super quickly" and that it was "really pretty". Mia's hair is wavy/curly and a medium thickness and it goes through her hair wonderfully with just some water, no detangle spray needed. I think it would be a little tougher for very thick, very curly hair, but I still think that it would work well! I would definitely recommend the Smoobee, Magic No Cry brush to any parents of little girls!

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