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Ryan's Barkery Review - Suzi

Ryan's Barkery Hand-made and 100% Natural Healthy Dog Treats
I was chosen to review these great handmade dog treats! I usually never give my dogs treats, so I was a little worried about how my dogs would accept these treats. My dogs absolutely loved them. I received all three flavor's of dog treats, in 9.5 oz bags.
The flavor's I received;
Peanut Butter: My older dog gobbled this without a thought!
Low-Fat Cheddar: The puppy absolutely devoured this flavor
Pumpkin Apple: All three dogs were a little hesitant of this flavor the first bone, but I tried again and they gobbled them right up.
Very Satisfied Customer's:
As you can tell they were very excited to get more of these treats. The treats used in this picture were the Peanut Butter flavor. If I could tell by these results I would definitely say that they loved the peanut butter much more than the other two flavors. There is only about a 1/4 of the bag left, the other two bags are about half full. I will definitely be keeping these treats stocked.
Thank you very much Ryan's Barkery for allowing my dogs and I to review your great treats. Please visit their website and Facebook page below! Tell em it's a Mom thing Reviews sent you!!

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